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Bridal makeup and various other types of makeup

One common dream that every girl has is to look her best at her wedding day. Girls are more excited about their dress, foot wear, makeup and hairstyling than her actual marriage. There is nothing wrong in it because you get one chance in a lifetime where you will be the prettiest girl and all eyes would be on you. Their wedding day is for them like a scene directly from a fairy tale. This is the reason that girls keep thinking about the dress they would wear on their wedding day, the kind of a makeup she would like for herself and the hairstyle she would opt for her big day. Even though every girl knows little bit about makeup but they do not want to take risk of doing their own makeup on their own wedding day so they opt for a makeup artist instead. In this article, we will be discussing about bridal makeup artist in Melbourne and various other types of makeup. 

Makeup artist: 

As the saying goes that the job suits the one who is skilled to do it so similar is the case with the application of makeup. Even though almost every girl knows a thing or two about makeup but if you want attain a perfect look either for your wedding day or your prom night, then you should definitely go for a makeup artist. A makeup artist is a professional and an expert who is skilled to do the art of makeup perfectly. There are two kinds of makeup artists; there are those makeup artists who provide their services on salons or parlours. Then there is another type of makeup artists who provide their services at client’s place or home, such makeup artists are known as mobile makeup artist or freelancing makeup artist. 

Makeup artist is skilled to change the shape of client’s eyes according to her demand. Then she can fill the lip line as per the client’s wish. The combination of foundation, face powder and concealer hides face’s marks and levels the skin perfectly. Selection of correct colour of eye shades and lip pallet is also a mind storming activity that only a makeup artist can do. There are different kinds of makeup which are done according to the occasion. 

Bridal makeup: 

There is bridal makeup which is the most in demand and expensive among all other makeup. The kind of bridal makeup differs from region to region. In Asian countries heavy makeup is done on a bride whereas in European countries a light touch of makeup is carried out. However, it all depends upon the choice of the bride about the kind of makeup she wants on her big day. Special attention is given to the eye makeup of a bride which should go perfectly with her dress. Mostly, lipstick colour is selected according to the dress’s colour but if the wedding dress colour is white then nude coloured lipstick or any other light shade of a lipstick is applied. Mostly, the team which allows the service of makeup also does the hairstyling of a bride. The whole look of a makeup is uplifted by the perfect hairstyle. 

Various other types of makeup: 

Beside bridal makeup, there are various other types of makeup as well. The kind of a makeup totally depends upon the occasion and choice of a client. There is no makeup look which is done when you are going for any formal event but want to look your best. Then there is party makeup look which gives funky and cool appearance. In fact, you can get makeup look suitable for every occasion, be it a prom night or a birthday party.  


Makeup artist is the professional who knows very well to carry out the art of makeup. He or she is an expert in making his or her client’s features more prominent. A good makeup artist can do every kind of a makeup be it a bridal makeup or a party makeup. The kind of bridal makeup differs from region to region. In some countries heavy bridal makeup is carried out while in other countries light bridal makeup is done. “Jenny beauty” offers the best kind of bridal makeup.